Does the SMP Treatment work with Grey Hair?

What effects does the SMP Treatment have on grey hair?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering how scalp micropigmentation and grey hair can complement one another. We will go over how Scalp Micropigmentation can benefit people with grey hair below.

What effects does the SMP Treatment have on grey hair?

Grey hair and scalp micropigmentation.

According to study by Mintel Press Office (Market Research Company), males in Britain are most concerned about their hair colour when it comes to appearance. The age at which panic begins to set in is 45. Hair thinning and loss take second place. [1] In general, men are more inclined than women to accept their appearance, however after the age of 45, the aforementioned features of men’s appearance make them less content.

The study’s findings make it crystal clear what the real problems are with men’s hair. Men start looking for an effective therapy when their hair starts to lose its natural pigment and becomes progressively thinner. It develops into a problem that can impact confidence and self-esteem in addition to beauty. Scalp Micropigmentation, commonly known as SMP or hair/scalp tattoo, is one of the most efficient non-surgical treatments.

One of the most well-liked non-surgical solutions to the problem of greying, balding, or thinning hair is scalp micropigmentation.

How does the SMP Treatment aid in problem control?

Scalp micropigmentation is a technique that imitates hair follicles to give the look of actual, natural hair. No matter what colour your hair is, SMP allows you to always produce a hairline that appears extremely natural.

There are two possibilities when it comes to scalp micropigmentation and grey hair.

1. Prior to the first Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment, you already had some grey hair.

A Scalp Micropigmentation procedure typically involves a consultation and two to four sessions altogether. Initial consultations are quite important because several things must be established at those meetings. Color matching is one of them. In order to determine which pigment options are most appropriate for the treatment, your chosen Scalp Micropigmentation Technician will compare the colour of your existing hair follicles to those offered by the pigment manufacturers. Pigments are always chosen to meet specific requirements. Scalp Micropigmentation Artis will match the pigment’s tone and hue to how grey your hair is. Please go here to read more about what to anticipate during the Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure.

Please remember that most guys will seem clean and natural if they continue to keep a shaved appearance after having scalp micropigmentation. Always, the hair’s base is darker than the hair itself. A generalisation is that short hair will look darker than long hair.

If you have grey hair on your sides and are bald on top, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that grey hair can be blended into your sides with Scalp Micropigmentation and yet seem natural and genuine.

2. Following the Scalp Micripigmentation Treatment, you have begun to grey.

Regarding Scalp Micropigmentation and the onset of grey hair following the SMP Procedure, there is not much to worry about. You can still fully benefit from the SMP Treatment even if your hair occurs to start greying after you receive the SMP treatment.

Each Scalp Over numerous years, micropigmentation progressively disappears on its own. There is no way to stop long-term fading, which is brought on by a number of distinct circumstances. When the pigments will start to fade is difficult to predict. The outcomes may vary from person to person because each person has a unique scalp and lifestyle. Please click here to read our dedicated blog article to learn when the first top-up is typically needed.

Greying follows a similar rule. It is a steady procedure that doesn’t take days to complete. After your original Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure, if you start to get grey hairs, you might be able to forgo the touch-up procedures that are necessary every few years to keep your Scalp Micropigmentation looking good. Grey hair frequently enhances attractiveness by adding to overall appearance and making Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment more realistic. Based on our experience, we can attest that the first established blend continues to appear natural over time and that fading pigments complement greying hair remarkably well.

There is another option if grey hair that appears after the Procedure and scalp micropigmentation worry you. You can apply a lighter hue that complements your new appearance during the touch-up procedure.

In actuality, grey hair and scalp micropigmentation are not problems. As you can see, the SMP Treatment is made to be effective on hair of any colour, even grey. Get in touch with Scalp, the top Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic in, if you live in Exeter or the nearby areas and are seeking Scalp Micropigmentation for your grey or thinning hair. In order to produce the most realistic results, we are fully capable of adjusting our pigment selection to match the tone of your grey hair.

Please feel free to contact our award-winning Scalp Micropigmentation Quinton Gordon, who is always delighted to support anyone on the road to hair loss treatment, if you have any additional concerns about this procedure and grey hair.

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