Not 1, Not 2, But 5 Hair Transplants

We’ve done a case study on our model so we can help encourage you to consider Scalp Micro Pigmentation as an option when considering a hair transplant. A hair transplant is expensive, it’s also a big decision, it will have a huge impact on your appearance, and change your life forever, especially your confidence and well-being. I’ve personally had the SMP treatment so I’m talking from experience.

Our model here has spent over £20k and endured all the pain over the years from his 5 hair transplants, all 5 have failed and he ended up getting SMP, £20k down the drain. SMP and hair transplants are very different procedures in terms of treatments and results. On the one hand a hair transplant will replace your lost hair, and SMP will give you the illusion of shaved head or increased density.

In this particular case, our model has had 4 FUT (follicular unit transplantation) and 1 FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplants. In summery, an FUT transplant is where they cut a strip from the donor area (back of the head), the hair follicles from the strip are diced into tiny blocks and replanted in the area being treated for hair loss. An FUE transplant is where they extract individual hairs and replant them in the balding area.

If you look at the image below closely, you can see the FUT scar across the back of his head, its roughly 15 centimetres in length, and averages around 4 millimetres width. There is also scarring above and below the strip, this is the result following his FUE hair transplant, leaving numerous tiny bald patches everywhere.

Following the 5th hair transplant our model was advised to stop taking medication that was prescribed after his 4th hair transplant, he was taking finasteride, a drug to help stun or stop male pattern baldness. Coming off the medication he started losing his hair again from all previous procedures, the last hair transplant grew very different to the other hair transplants. If you look at the image below you can see the hair nearest his hairline is much thicker and slightly darker in colour.

I’ve noticed this with most of our clients who come into our clinic after failed hair transplants, the texture of the hair is straw like, much thicker than normal hair, and in most cases the hair is slightly different in colour. But this is the least of your worries, the aftermath is the part that personally haunts me, and the part I feel is most overlooked as everyone’s thoughts are consumed and focused on the end results.

It’s not just the brutality of the procedure, the cost, the scars, and/or the risk of it failing, but the aftercare using shampoos, medicines, cleansing, bandaging, cost of aftercare medication, side effects etc. He also mentioned the FUE hair transplant is way more painfil than the FUT hair transplant. More people are documenting the progress pre/post surgery, I’d advise watching as many videos as you can, both successful and failed hair transplants.

I read a recent study that surgeons now want use chest hair for hair transplants. This would open up a whole new market for people who don’t have the right grade of hair for the procedure, I’m yet to see results, but I can only assume it would look like pubic hair on your head, I personally would never consider this an option.

The SMP procedure our model decided to get is called density treatment, we have created the illusion of a full head of hair, and camouflaged the scarring as seen in the before and after images below.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation normally consists of 3 treatment sessions 1 week apart. These images were taken right after his 3rd treatment, SMP really is an instant solution for receding hairline, baldness, thinning hair, alopecia and scar camouflage. The treatments looks best with shaven hair, but in a lot of cases we can help with the density to give your hair a fuller look. The procedure is non-invasive, literally pain free and the results are instant. I would urge anyone considering a hair transplant to at least look into scalp micro pigmentation, it may not be for everyone, but in this case, our model would have been £20k up, and not left with the scarring physically and mentally from 5 failed hair transplants.