The Top Aftercare Advice For Scalp Micropigmentation

Before you can enjoy the results of your scalp pigmentation treatment, it is crucial that you follow the right aftercare instructions. Failure to do so may reduce the impact of your SMP treatment and potentially endanger your health.

The procedure for getting a tattoo and scalp micropigmentation are very similar. In essence, you are having a tattoo on your scalp, but in this case, the goal and result are different.

Aftercare for scalp micropigmentation
After the procedure is over, fresh skin will develop over the top layer, which is what gives the result the most realistic appearance imaginable.

After the procedure is through, life will pause for a short while by the side of the road before returning to its normal course. Over the next few days, you must avoid doing this.

  • touching your scalp (unless in an emergency)
  • wearing a hat, cap, helmet, or any other type of headgear that could cause your scalp to get irritated and rub
  • letting any sunlight on your head
  • excessive perspiration, especially after activity
  • shampooing your head
  • shaving the head
  • Swimming

Your scalp will have started to mend and acclimate to its new pigmentation after this initial period of a few days. To ensure optimal aftercare for your scalp micropigmentation operation, there are still some procedures you must take. Following your treatment, over the following two weeks, you should:

  • every day, merely use water to wash your scalp;
  • Use an alcohol-free moisturiser on your scalp every day (Skulltec Product Recommended);
  • Gently and carefully shave your head, taking care not to be harsh;
  • When you swim, use a swimming cap;
  • Try not to sweating too much.
  • Avoid picking, scratching, or itching your scalp.
  • Following a fortnight, you should: Daily wash and moisturise your scalp;
  • Be careful when shaving your head; use sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 whenever you are in direct sunlight.The pigmentation of your treatment will appear darker right away as it is finished. One week following your last session, the actual and final colour will show. While the pigmentation may initially appear paler while the skin heals, you should under no circumstances pursue additional micropigmentation operations during the four weeks following the conclusion of your treatment.

from the tenth day onward.
The 10th day typically signifies that you have recovered enough to resume your regular routine, depending on how rapidly you recover from injuries. Your next appointment time will be set based on how quickly your healing has advanced thus far.

Similar to the prior appointment, the practitioner will advise you to have a haircut and give your head a good wash, this time with shampoo or another product that is suitable for your skin. You should be aware that overexposure to the sun may cause your scalp to itch. Additionally, after the first session, the scalp tattoo will have slightly faded, so don’t be concerned by this. This is very standard fare.


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